APRICOT GLAZED CHICKEN STUFFED WITH GOAT CHEESE or CREAM CHEESE & BACON or TURKEY BACON–  Back  by popular demand and just in time for Mother’s Day!  Free-Range chicken breasts stuffed with dates, nitrate/nitrite free bacon or turkey bacon and organic cream cheese or goat cheese.  Bake in the very light apricot glaze and serve with the included herbed cranberry wild rice  pilaf.

(H) 28.50     (F)   $53    (Choose: Goat OR Cream Cheese,  Bacon  OR Turkey Bacon.)

BALSAMIC AND CARAMELIZED PEARS OVER FLAT IRON STEAK OR CHICKEN WITH GOUDA MASHED POTATOES – An exquisite marinade   of balsamic vinegar caramelize pears tenderizes our juicy chicken or steaks   and is delicious enough for company or a special meal at home.  Bake   the   included  gouda   mashed   potatoes and you have a complete and flavorful meal. PALEO OPTION AVAILABLE .

Chicken –   (H) $28.50   (F)   $53   –    Steak    (H)  $31.50   –  (F)  $59

CHICKEN OR SHRIMP PICCATA OVER MASHED POTATOES OR SPAGHETTI PASTA WITH ARTICHOKES – A gourmet dish that is easy to make, yet elegant in flavor.  Chicken breasts or tender sweet shrimp are sautéed in a white wine and garlic sauce with capers, artichoke hearts and a touch of lemon.  Serve over the pasta or mashed potatoes we provide. PALEO OPTION AVAILABLE.

Chicken – (H) $28.50   (F)  $53  Shrimp (H) $30  (F)  $56

CRANBERRY & BRIE TOPPED CHICKEN W/ MASHED POTATOES  – A bright cranberry sauce (sweetened with maple syrup and orange juice) and brie cheese top our free- range chicken breasts that bakes in the oven for a delicious and easy meal. PALEO OPTION AVAILABLE.  Serve with the included mashed potatoes.

 (H) $28.50   (F) $53

FARMER’S BREAKFAST CASSEROLE WITH OPTIONAL HAM – Similar to our beloved Sausage  and Egg Breakfast Bake, but a little more savory.  Organic hash browns are layered with shredded cheese – pepper jack, Monterey Jack cheese and cheddar, green onions, spinach, tomatoes, milk, cottage cheese, eggs, optional nitrite/nitrate free ham all bake together in the oven.  Comes in a pan so there is no clean up and GREAT for a Mother’s Day breakfast surprise!

Vegetarian or Ham – (H) $28.50     (F)   $53

FETA AND SUN DRIED TOMATOES BEEF, TURKEY OR LENTIL BURGERS WITH SWEET CHILI SAUCE & OVEN FRIES– Lean organic ground beef, or ground turkey, (or cooked RED lentils with shredded carrot and Kalamata olives), sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and oregano are grilled or pan-fried and served with the included hamburger buns,  oven fries, and sweet chili sauce – very delicious and kid friendly!

Beef (H) $31.50 (F) $59 Turkey or Lentil (H) $28.50   (F)   $53

GOUDA AND BLACK BEAN ENCHILADAS WITH OPTIONAL CHICKEN – One of our most popular enchiladas.  A delicious blend of    gouda   and mozzarella cheeses, spinach, optional cooked and shredded chicken breast, and black beans get wrapped in organic corn tortillas and topped with our zesty enchilada sauce and more gouda and mozzarella cheese!

(H) $28.60   (F)   $53

MANGO CHICKEN OR CHICKPEA CURRY OVER BROWN RICE & VEGGIES – An Indian curry with a Thai influence….but you won’t care where this curry comes from after you taste it!  Coconut milk and fresh mango are blended together along with a blend of India spices.  Simmer the diced chicken breasts in the curry sauce along with the spinach, onions, cauliflower, and green beans.  Serve over the included brown rice. PALEO OPTION AVAILABLE.

(H)  $28.50   (F)   $53

MAPLE GLAZED SALMON, CHICKEN OR TOFU WITH MASHED POTATOES OR MAPLE & BALSAMIC   ROASTED   VEGGIES –  Our most popular salmon dish and equally as delicious with the chicken or tofu!  Our wild salmon fillets, chicken breasts, or tofu steaks get baked with a sweet rich maple glaze and served or mashed potatoes or roasted maple and balsamic veggies (sweet potatoes, tri-color carrots and onions.) PALEO OPTION AVAILABLE.

Salmon (H) $30   (F )   $56   Chicken or Tofu  (H) $28.50  (F)  $53

MEDITERRANEAN CHICKEN, SHRIMP, STEAK, OR CHICKPEAS OVER LEMON SCENTED WHITE BASMATI   RICE – Diced chicken breasts, tender shrimp, steak, or chickpeas are marinated in Mediterranean herbs and spices, then skewed with sliced onions, tomatoes, zucchini and grilled or pan sautéed, and served with the included pita bread (not gluten free) or lemon scented rice and topped with a garlic yogurt sauce and spicy feta cheese! PALEO OPTION AVAILABLE.

Chicken – (H) $28.50   (F)  $53  –  Shrimp  (H) $30  (F) $56   –  Steak  (H) $31.50  (F) $59  – Chickpeas (H) $28.50  (F)  $53

RASPBERRY PEAR BREAKFAST TART –   Great   for   Mother’s  Day!  A delicious blend of almonds, eggs,   raspberries    and  pears   bake together for a  protein packed breakfast.  Surprise mum on her special day!  Surprise Mum on her special day! PALEO OPTION AVAILABLE

(H)  $26.50    (F)   $49

THAI COCONUT SOUP WITH CHICKEN OR EXTRA VEGETABLES WITH COCONUT RICE – This is a great soup all year long, very light and refreshing!  Zucchini, lemongrass, onions, optional diced chicken breast and lime juice simmer in a refreshing broth of light coconut milk, keffir lime leaves (a Thai specialty) and chicken or veggie broth.  Very authentic tasting!  We give a side of creamy coconut rice to go with it. PALEO OPTION AVAILABLE.

 Chicken   (H)  $28.50   (F)  $53  

SESAME CRUSTED AHI,   MAHI  OR WAHOO STEAKS IN A SOY GINGER BUTTER SAUCE WITH ASIAN INSPIRED VEGGIES – This is  one of our most popular and requested meals! A  Delicious and quick meal! Wild  Ahi,  Mahi or Wahoo steaks are crusted with sesame seeds and then pan cooked and served in an amazing sauce  consisting of soy sauce, ginger, butter, half and half and lemon juice. Serve over the Asian inspired veggies with roasted garlic, green beans, carrots, red bell pepper,   onions and edamame!  The whole meal will be on the table in less than 15 minutes! PALEO OPTION AVAILABLE

(H) $30 (F) $56